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About Freefivers
About Us

Free Fivers offers a simple to use shopping directory, with the ability to earn cashback on shopping through one of our 500+ retailers. We get a commission from the retailers listed and we pass a large majority of that to our members.

Do I pay higher prices for shopping with FreeFivers?

No! – Absolutely not. FreeFivers is a very cost effective channel for large retailers who spend millions on advertising each year. The opposite is in fact true - The more sales we push with the retailers, the better the cashback rate becomes, making it even better for you as our valued member.

Can my friends and family join up too?

Yes! We’d love to have them on board. In fact we credit your account with £5 when you refer a friend after they earn their first £25. You can see a list of friends you have introduced in your login area.

Can I have more than one account for my address?

We monitor account registrations carefully and we strictly allow a maximum of one account per person and 2 accounts per unique postal address. Duplicate accounts will be closed without notice and Cashback forfeited.

Bugs and Suggestions
I have found a broken link

Have you spotted one? – We would be honoured if you could let us know where you found it, please email us the details so we can rectify the matter.

A short email stating the shop should be sent to

How can I suggest a shop?

If you would like to see a certain shop or retailer added to FreeFivers that is not already listed then please email us on - we will do our best to get them onboard.

Also if you are a retailer and would like to add your shop, then please get in touch.

Earning Cashback
How do I earn cashback?

Well that’s a simple one. By logging into your account, signing up to retailer offers and shopping through the links provided you will automatically be credit cashback on your purchases. Any purchases will appear in your ’account’ page, usually after about 48 hours. However some retailers batch sales and will take longer to appear.

When will my purchases be visible in my account?

This depends on the retailer; some are very fast at giving us the data, other notoriously slow.

We collect data from each retailer every night, so you may see it within 24 hours. However it can take up to 30 days. We ask kindly that you do not submit a ’missing cashback’ request until those 30 days pass.

Where can I check my cashback balance?

When you log in you will see a quick breakdown of the cashback you have earned since your last payout (if applicable). For a more in depth breakdown, including individual sales, amounts, date and status you will need to visit the ’account’ tab.

Joining Us and Logging In
Does it cost anything to join?

Not a penny!

Using FreeFivers will always be completely free.

I have not received my activation email

Please check your junk or bulk mail folder, shock horror it may be residing in there. We would recommend that you add FreeFivers to your safe senders list to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest deals.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can get a new password sent by entering your email address in the appropriate box in the login page. We will send a new password to your email address.
You can use it to login and then change your password to something memorable in your profile page.

Why do I need to log in?

We need to identify you!

With thousands of members we have millions of sales a year. You MUST be logged in and click through to a merchant to gain your cashback. If you do not log in to FreeFivers and use the shopping directory you WILL NOT receive your cashback.

We’ve made it easier by asking if you would like us to remember your username and password so you can log in directly.

You can also use a hotlink to log in directly from your desktop. However we only recommend this if your computer is secure, and not a shared computer as other people in your office / home could access your FreeFivers account.

I cannot seem to log in to FreeFivers

Please ensure that you have your cookies enabled in your browser, as having cookies disabled will mean that you will not only not be able to log in, but also will not receive any cashback. The short story is that you must have cookies enabled for this site to work correctly.

Missing or Incorrect Earnings
What happens when I’ve waited over 30 days for cashback to be credited and it has still not showed up?

We accept missing transaction enquiries for purchases made in the last 60 days only.

We use a dedicated form which you must complete which will enable us to send your enquiry to the merchant. Before using this form please note the following: Your transactions must be completed fully online, we do not receive commission for sales that are completed by email or by phone and therefore are unable to pass anything on to you.

We record click and user activity to check for inaccurate requests.

We recommend that you use only one cashback site to make sure that the sale has not been reported with another cashback site. The merchant will only pay once for a transaction. If we don’t receive the commission again, we cannot pass anything on to you.

We are unable to reply to missing transactions for ’click’ based cashback.

Enquiries for cashback amounts under £1.00 will not be sent to the merchant. In this scenario we would ask that you check our ’Your computer settings’ help section to ensure that one of scenarios is not causing your cashback to be blocked.

Bearing in mind the above please complete our missing transaction form in as much detail as possible, this will allow us to chase this cashback on your behalf with the merchant.

FreeFivers is under no obligation whatsoever to pay cashback that it has not received from the merchant for whatever reason. If you would like us to investigate a transaction that has not shown after 30 days, please complete this missing transaction form.

My cashback appears to be incorrect

Sometimes you may feel that the cashback you have received does not tally up. In 95% of cases this is due to VAT.

Some of our merchant partners will only pay commission to us on transaction amounts excluding VAT.

Other merchants may exclude the delivery price that you are charged.

If you still believe however that your rate is incorrect, please complete our missing transaction form clearly stating all relevant information. We are only able to deal with transactions that have occurred in the previous 2 months and that are for cashback amounts over £1.00.

My cashback show as ’rejected’, why?

Once cashback is added to your account, it takes 30 days to be validated. During this time the retailer has the right to reverse the cashback. Common Reasons include:

  1. Member returned the product(s)
  2. Failed credit checks (mobile phones)
  3. Fraudulent credit card details
  4. Incorrect address details
  5. Transaction not genuine
  6. Credit card payment declined

We take fraud seriously, users who are dishonest will have their account closed, will forfeit their cashback and will be reported to the necessary legal authorities.

Is there a time frame for reporting missing transactions?

Yes, as you will understand it is impossible to chase up any missing transactions that are too old. Therefore, if you have any missing transactions you must report this to us within 2 months. Simply submit a ticket to our helpdesk with all the relevant details of your transaction and we will chase it up with the merchant concerned.

When and how will I be paid?
Cashback is usually paid to the members through BACS on or around the 7th of the succeeding month. To become eligible to get Cashback you must first accrue the threshold limit of £25; but if you prefer to accumulate it further and wait for it to grow, you can do so, provided you update your profile accordingly.

Payments are sent through BACS. You also need to fill in your valid UK address so we may prevent people from outside the UK (mis)using our site.

Why do I have to wait 30 days to be paid?

This is the timescale that retailers take to report back to us and ensure that orders are valid.

For instance that they have not been returned, credit card details are correct and any applications for credit cards etc are valid.

Why do I have to wait until I reach £25 before you make payment?
In order to make it easy for us to serve you better, we have set £25 as the threshold limit. This enables us to offer you the best deals, reduce administration costs, cover the welcome bonus, promotions, marketing costs etc.

Once you start making your purchases through our site, you will experience our true service in the form of your Cashback getting bigger and bigger.

Moreover, you will realize that this limit is easily attainable. Setting £25 as the threshold limit also stops people, who try to join repeatedly as members, just for the sake of welcome cashback bonus we offer.

Referring Friends
Can I get extra Fivers for referring friends?

Yes! We’ve made it easy to earn extra Fivers. Simply check out your ’friends’ tab. You will find a link you can email/ MSN messenger your friends and when they earn their first £25 you will receive £5.00 as a credit added to your account.

You can refer as many people as you like, refer 50 people and that’s £250.00 in your pocket. We do ask however that you only ask people that you know. Frankie gets very upset with members who send unsolicited emails to people. He has been known to close accounts if people are reported.

Your Computer Settings
How do I enable cookies?

We think Google have done a great job explaining this across different browsers, please see this article about enabling cookies at

Remember you MUST have cookies enabled for you to earn cashback

Should I delete cookies?

Our partners track sales by using ’cookies’. A cookie is a small file that contains a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website.

When you visit this website again the cookie allows that site to recognize your browser.

Some websites use cookies to store user preferences and other information like we do to remember your username and login if selected.

Some retailers will attribute a sale to another website if you already have a cookie for that retailer stored on your system.

Likewise retailers may choose to only pay commission ’once’ per a cookie.

We therefore would recommend that you clear your cookies before making purchases through FreeFivers.

In addition we would recommend that you use Firefox for your cashback shopping, or a similar browser so you do not have to delete all cookies on your computer that allow you to navigate the web with ease.

I use a pop up blocker, how does that affect cashback?

Pop up blockers are useful for everyday browsing, however these will interfere with tracking on some of our merchants. We would recommend disabling your pop up blocker temporarily whilst using this site, or even better to configure your pop up stopper to ’allow’ pop ups from FreeFivers and our partners.

Do you have security software / a firewall that blocks advertisements?

Ad and cookie blocking software must be disabled before using FreeFivers. We must be able to track your clicks to merchants; otherwise we cannot guarantee that you will receive cashback. Popular software that is known to interfere with users cashback include, Norton Internet Security, Zone Alarm Pro, and Zone Alarm Security Suite. Please check your software help files and remove ad blocking whilst using our site.

Toolbars and cashback thieves

It is bad to have commissions redirected to another company, if we don’t receive the commission into our accounts; we are unable to pay you.

If you have any of these on your computer, you are at risk for re-directed commissions: Weatherbug, Kazaa, GP, My points, plus any program that comes with a shopping toolbar.

If you are a member of another cashback site, they may have a shopping or ’reminder’ toolbar that you have downloaded.

To uninstall these, click on START, then CONTROL PANEL, then ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS, then highlight the offending program and click REMOVE.

Re-start your computer, this will ensure cashback is entered into your FreeFivers account.

We also recommend you regularly check your computer for adware / spyware and keep up to date with your virus protection updates.